Tibet has a rich oral and written body of knowledge spanning centuries that has been captured in traditional texts. Unfortunately, many of these texts have been lost or destroyed, and many of the remaining ones are only available to those who read Tibetan. PCF assists people who preserve and translate these works so they are available to many people in the world.

One way this is being done is through the support at the Tsogyal Gephel Jong Center library in Pharping, Nepal. This library is open to anyone, from members of the local Nepali community to international visitors and scholars.

There are a number of traditional Tibetan texts that are currently being translated. These books are some of the rare gems of this wisdom tradition. Through translating these works, many people in the world will be able to benefit from these teachings.

Your support will allow these works of scholarship to be translated and safely archived, aiding in the preservation of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.