In traditional Tibetan culture, families provide for elders. Now, due to cultural disruption and dispersal of families outside of Tibet, elder Buddhist practitioners in Asia are in need of medical care and improved living conditions. Even after 50 years in exile, many Tibetan elders are still marginalized and barely get by. Old age and sickness, mixed with the lack of money for adequate health care and basic needs, leave many of these people in dire straits.

We work with charitable organizations based in India and Nepal to provide support for a number of elderly Tibetans, ensuring that they are treated with the respect and dignity that should come at the end of one’s life. Donations go toward providing basic needs, including food, living quarters, medicine, transportation to regional health care providers, and support for caregivers. Although these needs may seem great, a gift of only $30 allows these fundamental necessities to be met for an elderly individual for an entire month.