Communities in India, Nepal, and the Tibetan Plateau in Western China have many basic needs that are not being met. Medical assistance, healthy sanitation, clean water, sufficient food, appropriate shelter and a supply of electrical power are in short supply for many people. Your donation will help local residents connect with the local resources to provide them with their basic needs.

We also hope to provide solar power and composting toilets to the Tsogyal Gephel Jong Center in Nepal. Electricity in Nepal is only available for a portion of each day, and the cost is increasing yearly, as all energy must be imported. Most of the residents of the Center are elderly and don’t have the resources to purchase things like solar panels or a composting toilet.

PCF intends to build self-sufficiency wherever aide is offered. Through your help we can increase the capacity of these communities to care for themselves by reducing their dependency on the limited, unreliable and costly federal infrastructure.