Garbage detail
Working locally to clean up public parks and day use areas. Serving hot tea, snacks and comfort to local homeless friends.

Compassionate Bodhisattva Action was founded by Lama Tsering Gyaltsen to address the inner and outer environmental problems we face today. In our environment we have to deal with air and water pollution, garbage in the ocean and all the problems that are harmful to living beings. It is the responsibility of human beings to take care of this planet and those that do not  know how to protect themselves. When we devalue the environment it devalues the life of all beings. 

 Compassionate Bodhisattva Action was formed as a way of bringing people together to make a difference in our community. Volunteers meet twice a month for local litter clean-up, invasive plant removal, and during winter months serving hot beverages to those living in camps. 

As Lama Gyaltsen points out “It’s not just cleaning outside – it’s also cleaning inside. Outer and inner are interdependent.  It’s the balancing of outer and inner elements that is important. Cleaning by picking up garbage is only picking up garbage. The essence of these bodhisattva actions is that we are cleaning our minds. It’s the quality of mind that is related to the quality of peace we experience in the world.” By unconditionally helping others we develop loving kindness, compassion and equanimity while decreasing the self-grasping mind.. Working in our local community becomes the ground for this inner work.

.Please join us.  If you would like to get involved send us an email with your contact information. 

Compassionate Bodhisattva Action will suspend activities until further notice.